Product updates

Hi all, we now have stock of John Pickfords Goblin Queen and Orcs, The Shortwars Goblin / Halfling Warhound Cavalry and also Sallet Helms available as a ‘bits’ purchase for Conversions!wkgh01 sam_1300 sam_1208 sam_2214

Shortwars First Kickstarter!


Please take a look at our first Kickstarter to promote global awareness of the Shortwars brand and raise funds for development of the next race. Check it out here.

(Shortwars artwork above by the talented Mustafa Bekir).

Welcome to Shortwars

Welcome to my first Shortwars Post!

In this first update, I have mainly focussed on preparing the store. My next update intends to work on the look of the site, a link for the Shortwars rules and art.

I have added most of the Shortwars Core stock & other miniatures from Kev Adams, John Pickford and Bob olley.

Macrocosm’s Dark Dwarves will be added soon as well as some exciting new miniatures especially for Shortwars.