The Amazons of See is a new Kickstarter with core foot troops for an 28mm scale Amazon army. Cast in white metal, the miniatures are multipart allowing for lots of variation.

You can visit the project here: Amazons of See

As the moulds have already been made and tested, there will be an extremely fast delivery on this project – similar to the speed at which the Twisted Christmas: Summoning the Krampus campaign was completed.  Shipping will be 2 weeks after the project ends.

Here’s an example of one of the sets: Acolytes & Chosen of See.

There is also a short story spread over the campaign.. Here’s a teaser with part 1:

This first ‘Amazons of See’ Kickstarter focuses on some of the core foot troops of the Amazon race; Warriors, Archers, Priestesses and Acolytes. Depending on the projects success, further campaigns will see War Machines, Cavalry, Beast Handlers, Specialised units and Ancient Tech ‘Future Weapons’.

Thanks for looking!

Twisted Christmas Miniatures… NOW IN STOCK!

Twisted Christmas – a small range of festive baddies that were released via Kickstarter last Christmas.

Now available in the web store, these fun miniatures are available separately or as a full set. Link – Click Here!

Particularly impressive is the Krampus. Standing at around 50mm tall and sculpted by Tim Prow, this resin miniature comes with the traditional birch twigs and also an alternative staff arm so he can be used in other fantasy settings. Concept art by Mustafa from Spevna Studios.

Free Crypto Faucets and Coin Offerings page added

Today I’ve added a page with free coin offerings and faucets.

These are crypto currencies that cost nothing to claim apart from a little of your time. Although there are many faucets around, I have specifically chosen these as I have withdrawn coins from them and so know that they work.

Most of these Faucets make their money from advertising so be prepared for pop ups!

The page can be found on the main website bar or by clicking this link:

Crypto-Currency Faucets and Free Coins


Shortwars is now Crypto-currency friendly!

Shortwars can now accept payments with popular cryptocurrencies!

The option is available via If you wish to pay with a cryptocurrency instead of Paypal, simply select the option at checkout.

At the moment we accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Waves or Monero.
If you would like to see other coins added, please send an email to

Multi-part Dwarf Mage /Shaman, Conquistadwarf Greatswords & Armoured Dwarves

New Products!

Today a number of dwarf sculpts by Alessio Cisbani from Wolfbane Art in Italy have been added to the store.

The multi-part Dwarf Mage / Shaman comes with 8 accessories for variation.

The ‘Conquistadwarf’ Greatswords are supplied in a set of 4 variants.

The ‘Armoured’ Dwarves are supplied in a set of 4 variants.

Please take a look in the ‘Dwarf Kingdom’ area of the web store.

Product updates

Hi all, we now have stock of John Pickfords Goblin Queen and Orcs, The Shortwars Goblin / Halfling Warhound Cavalry and also Sallet Helms available as a ‘bits’ purchase for Conversions!wkgh01 sam_1300 sam_1208 sam_2214

Shortwars First Kickstarter!


Please take a look at our first Kickstarter to promote global awareness of the Shortwars brand and raise funds for development of the next race. Check it out here.

(Shortwars artwork above by the talented Mustafa Bekir).

Playtest Rules

Here is a link to download the free playtest rules for Shortwars. Any suggestions and feedback will be greatly welcomed.

These rules are still in development and will likely adapt to accomodate the new races and future game concepts.

Link: (Currently removed for editing 19.04.18)

Welcome to Shortwars

Welcome to my first Shortwars Post!

In this first update, I have mainly focussed on preparing the store. My next update intends to work on the look of the site, a link for the Shortwars rules and art.

I have added most of the Shortwars Core stock & other miniatures from Kev Adams, John Pickford and Bob olley.

Macrocosm’s Dark Dwarves will be added soon as well as some exciting new miniatures especially for Shortwars.