The Amazons of See is a new Kickstarter with core foot troops for an 28mm scale Amazon army. Cast in white metal, the miniatures are multipart allowing for lots of variation.

You can visit the project here: Amazons of See

As the moulds have already been made and tested, there will be an extremely fast delivery on this project – similar to the speed at which the Twisted Christmas: Summoning the Krampus campaign was completed.  Shipping will be 2 weeks after the project ends.

Here’s an example of one of the sets: Acolytes & Chosen of See.

There is also a short story spread over the campaign.. Here’s a teaser with part 1:

This first ‘Amazons of See’ Kickstarter focuses on some of the core foot troops of the Amazon race; Warriors, Archers, Priestesses and Acolytes. Depending on the projects success, further campaigns will see War Machines, Cavalry, Beast Handlers, Specialised units and Ancient Tech ‘Future Weapons’.

Thanks for looking!