Crypto-Currency Faucets and Free Coins

Below is a list of tried and tested ‘free’ Crypto Currency links:

Free Coin Offerings:

SwiftDemand is an experiment in Crypto universal basic income. Each person that signs up can claim 100 coins for free per day that can be used to purchase items on their site. You can gain more Swifts by selling items or through referring more users. After 5000000 (5 million) users have signed up, the only way to get more Swifts will be through the daily allowance and selling on their site.

They are currently developing their own blockchain. Once this is completed, it will be possible to withdraw Swifts to an external wallet.

POW Tokens are another free Cryptocurrency. You gain more of these by sharing your referral link and each new claimant gets rewarded a slightly lower value than the last – you also receive the same amount to your balance. At the moment you can have both a facebook and twitter account linked so in effect you initially get a double claim.

****As of the 18th April 2018, Pow have paused further claims whilst they work on their bridge. When this is completed, tokens will be able to be transferred to an external wallet. *** I’ll remove this comment when new accounts are being accepted.


A ‘Faucet’ is a website that gives out small amounts of crypto for free! They normally make their money through advertising so be prepared to come across pop up ads and clickbait. Although there are a lot of faucets out there that seem to good to be true (and in many cases do not pay out), the ones below have been tried and tested by myself. I’ll only put a link here if I have successfully withdrawn coins.


Freebitcoin offers hourly claims which also earn you tickets towards their weekly bitcoin lottery. If you hold a balance of greater that 0.0003 (30000 Satoshis) then they also pay you a small amount of daily interest.

Free Bitcoin:

Moon Coins & Bitfun:

The following ‘Moon Coin‘ links require a coin wallet from:    You then use your registered email address as a login for the following faucets. All of the Moon Coin faucets let you claim every 5 minutes plus you get bonuses for daily claims (Up to 100%), Referral Bonuses and also a mystery bonus per claim. Coinpot also gives you ‘coinpot tokens‘ for each claim – you can use these to enter an hourly lottery or they can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash or Bitcoin Cash. You can also exchange your faucet payouts for any of the other coins held in the wallet.

Bitfun is a bitcoin faucet where you can play flash games whilst waiting for your next faucet claim. You can claim every 3 minutes and there is also a referral bonus.

Moon Bitcoin:

Moon Litecoin:

Moon Dogecoin:

Moon Dash:

Moon Bitcoin Cash: